QMS specialises in providing services to help improve the way you do business.

Using our unique approach , we will provide  operational excellence to your business.

QMS can help your business leverage operations excellence to achieve business growth, the first step is to understand what Operational Excellence really is, and then how the business can achieve it.  Think of it as answering the question: “Where will our journey of continuous improvement take us?” A good answer is that our journey will take us to Operational Excellence, or the point at which “Each and every employee can see, identify and measure the  value to the customer, and fix the process before it breaks down.” While this definition may seem simple, it is in this simplicity that the magic lies.

Operational Excellence  applies to every level and every person in the organization, from executives all the way down to the employees producing the product/service. It’s clear, concise, practical and, most importantly, actionable and teachable.  Everyone in the organization “gets it.”  They know that, in their respective areas, there should be a visible process of product or information. They should be able to recognize if that process is normal or abnormal and what to do if it is abnormal, all without requiring the assistance of management.

QMS can teach the true power of lean value streams by taking them a step further.  We can create bespoke awareness and training programs to empower each employee with a “self-improvement” value streams, which means that when process breaks down somewhere in the operation, the employees working in the process are able to fix it without the need for management intervention.

Our QMS Training programs and materials  provides organizations like yours with excellent training and educational material at affordable cost to support their pursue of Operational Excellence.

Our expertise and experience can help organizations drive profitability and create growth through Operational Excellence. Contact us to discuss how Operational Excellence Consulting can support you and your organization in establishing or accelerating your own Operational Excellence initiative