We provide our clients with a total training solutions designed to achieve operational excellence.

Why Train with Quality Management Solutions ?

  • All of our trainers are fully qualified industry professionals.
  • Training courses are small ensuring valuable individual attention.
  • We offers Schedule and in-house training programmes
  • We have fully equipped training centres in Brighton, London and in the US Florida providing outstanding training courses in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Comprehensive course notes provided.
  • Training courses include practical "hands on" workshops.
  • Courses at QMS Training are written in-house and are continually. updated, making sure our training courses are the best available.
  • We value and constantly review our client feedback.
  • We are passionate about the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Available Training Courses

Introduction to Operational Excellence: Covering an Introduction to Operational Excellence Models, Strategy Deployment &  Planning, Performance Management & Balanced Scorecards, Process Excellence & Lean Six Sigma, and High Performance Work Teams.

Lean Six Sigma:
Lean Six Sigma is a comprehensive and flexible Method for achieving, sustaining and maximising organisational success. we offer a wide range of Business Process Management, Lean and Six Sigma training courses designed to help both manufacturing and service-based organisations to get the best from their processes and operations.

‪Neuro-Linguistic Programming‬ (NLP) : An opportunity to work with in a small group with high qualified NLP trainers applying NLP techniques with you.

This NLP training provides the participant with an introduction to the concepts, terms, definitions, benefits, objectives, and relationships within the Neuro linguistic programming language. It will also trains you to communicate with excellence, leading to enhanced performance, fulfilment and results. Every Business transaction is initiated by a Person, and every transaction is the result of some form of Communication. NLP is about excellence in communication both externally and internally. You will learn how to master your own state, how to influence and motivate, and how to achieve your goals.

For more information or book a training course please contact us -

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