QMS provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to achieve, sustain and maintain business success."

Quality Management Solutions offer clients a broad range of consultation, coaching and training services. Our teams, under the Lead Manager Consultant help create a powerful business solutions for organizations operating anywhere in the world. This integrated approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business knowledge and industry expertise to help our clients achieve operational excellence and improve their performance.
Whether your company is just starting up or is on the verge of becoming a global powerhouse, our services can help you manage and sustain your company’s growth.

We focused entirely around growing our client’s businesses. We believe that results come from skilled teams, not armies of people that are trained to do standard repetitive work. This is all because there is no such thing as a “standard” plan and every single business need is different.

Our Services :

Opportunity Assessment: Start your annual planning process or Operational Excellence initiative with an in-depth and thorough assessment of your current capabilities and opportunities. QMS Consulting performs Operations & Supply Chain, Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma opportunity assessments to support organizations not only in identifying their true potential, but also in establishing a clear roadmap to accomplish breakthrough improvements.

Outsourcing Support : Outsourcing enables an organization to focus on its core business, engage with best-in-industry service providers, improve internal resource utilization, and provide the scalability necessary to respond quickly to demand variability. QMS has the hands-on experience to support you in finding the right outsourcing partner in Europe, Asia or the United States and to manage the successful transition and launch activities.

Six Sigma & Lean Deployments : Organizations must delight their Customers and relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations.
Six Sigma is a highly effective methodology that helps an organization focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products, processes and services.  Lean principles, methods and tools help organizations to re-think their end-to-end core processes and value chains, and find ways to provide what their Customers value better, faster and with significantly fewer resources. QMS has certified and experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Black Belts that have successfully led Six Sigma initiatives including planning, training, coaching and hands-on implementation for the last 15 years.

Coaching programs : Operational Excellence organizations continuously strive to increase the engagement and empowerment of their employees through shared values, guiding principles, leadership development, coaching, and continuous competence development. QMS has skilled and experienced facilitators and coaches that, together with your organization, can develop and deploy the right learning solutions for your team.

Benefit from our expertise and experience to help organizations drive profitability and create growth through Operational Excellence. Contact us to discuss how Operational Excellence Consulting can support you and your organization in establishing or accelerating your own Operational Excellence initiative.