"QMS provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to achieve, sustain and maintain business success."

QMS (Quality Management Solutions) represents a strategic approach to ensuring quality within your organisation. We provide our clients with a total solution designed to achieve operational excellence, eliminate defects, streamline processes and importantly, increase productivity and profit.

About co-founder and Managing Partner

Carolina Rodriguez co-founded Quality Management Solutions in 2001 to follow her passion for lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence and to be able to work with individuals and organizations that share this passion.

With over 15 years experience in business improvement strategies, operating models, system development and process framework design across the insurance, banking and technology industries and a solid background in communication and training programmes, I have developed corporate strategic business plans , system solutions, re-engineering and change management initiatives.

I have actively led large and complex programmes to successful outcomes with improvements and cost saves.  I am focused and results driven, experience of managing projects within the IT, insurance, Telecoms, financial services industry and have a proven track record in successful delivering multiple projects by providing day to day leadership to my project teams, ensuring the teams are motivated and have the tools and opportunity to perform.

Published Communicate to WIN. Skill & Will Quadrant- Enhancing effective and powerful communication- in September 2008- More information visit site – www.carolinarodriguez.co.uk

One of my major strengths is my ability to communicate and knowledge share at all levels in different languages (English, Spanish & French).

Harnessing the power of today's most effective business technologies, Quality Management Solutions (QMS) have developed a unique range of products and services to help businesses of all sizes to improve their performance:

  • The excellence Training solution - At QMS Quality Management Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our clients with effective training solutions to improve quality in all aspects of their business. We offer a range of courses and programmes from Six Sigma , Lean, ITIL and NLP .
  • QMS Services - Quality Management Solutions specialises in providing services to help improve the way you do business. Using our unique methodology, we will analyse your business processes and provide you with decisive reports indicating where defects occur and how to eliminate them.
  • QMS Solutions - Once a strategic issue is identified and a need for improvement realised, Quality Management Solutions can offer you a range of bespoke solutions to match the specific needs of your organisation. Working with strategic partners, we regularly provide effective high-impact solutions to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. 

For more information about QMS or any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us